Zoantharia taxonomic literature


Included here are as many files as we could get our hands on... If there is missing literature, or you happen to have something not shown here, please send it along. Note that due to copyright issues, we do not have some papers from after 1967.

Files are organized by first author and year.

This page has first authors A to R. For page 2, click here.

Abel 1955 Abel_1955_Eine neue Krustenanemone der Adria, Epizoanthus paxii, nov. sp..pdf

Acosta et al. 2005 Acosta et al2005.pdf

Adey et al. 1977 Adeyetal1977.pdf

Andres 1877 Andres_1877_On a New Genus and Species of Zoanthina malacodermata (Panceria spongiosa, sp. n.).pdf

Andres 1883 Andres_1883_Le Attinie.pdf

Audouin 1826 Audouin_1826_Explication sommaire des planches de polypes de l Egypte et de la Syrie.pdf

Balss 1924 Balss1924.pdf

Bastidas & Bone 1996 Bastidas&Bone1996.pdf

Belford & Phillip 2012 Belford_Phillip_2012.pdf

Bell 1891 Bell_1891_Contributions to our Knowledge of the Antipatharian Corals [13(2)].pdf

Beneden 1897 Beneden_1897_Les_Anthozoaires.pdf

Bertolonii 1819 Bertolonii_1819_[Gorgonia savaglia - p219].pdf

Bhattaji 2010 Bhattaji - Seshaiyana-18(3)  2010.pdf

Boscolo & Silveira 2005 Boscolo&Silveira2005.pdf

Brandt 1835 Brandt1835.pdf

Burnett 2002 Burnett2002ZX.pdf

Burnett et al. 1994 Burnettetal1994.pdf

Burnett et al. 1995 Burnettetal1995.pdf

Burnett et al. 1997 livepage.apple.comBurnettetal1997.pdf

Carey et al. 1990 Carey_Stein_Rona_1990_Benthos of the Gorda Ridge - Taxonomic composition and trends  [24(1-4)].pdf

Carlgren 1889 Carlgren_1889_Ueber die Gatting Gerardia Lac.-Duth..pdf

Carlgren 1899 Carlgren_1899_Actiniaria und Zoantharia - Symbolae Physicae.pdf

Carlgren 1900 Carlgren_1900_Ostafrikanische Actinien, gesammelt von Herrn Dr. F. Stuhlmann 1898 und 1899.pdf

Carlgren 1901-1903A Carlgren, 1901-1903A.pdf

Carlgren 1901-1903B Carlgren, 1901-1903B.pdf

Carlgren 1903 Carlgren_1903_.pdf Carlgren1903b.pdf Carlgren, in Chun (1903) The genus Isozoanthus .pdf

Carlgren 1913 Carlgren_1913_Zoantharia [The Danish Ingolf Expedition].pdf

Carlgren 1914-1916 Carlgren, 1914-1916.pdf

Carlgren 1923 Carlgren,1923.pdf

Carlgren 1924 Carlgren, 1924.pdf

Carlgren 1924-1940 Carlgren, 1924-1940.pdf

Carlgren 1928-1929 Carlgren, 1928-29.pdf

Carlgren 1933 Carlgren 1933 The Godthaab Expedition .pdf

Carlgren 1934 Carlgren, 1934.pdf

Carlgren 1935 Carlgren, 1935.pdf

Carlgren 1938a Carlgren,1938.pdf

Carlgren 1938b Carlgren,1938low.pdf

Carlgren 1945 Carlgren,1945.pdf

Carlgren 1949 Carlgren1949.pdf

Carlgren 1950-1954 Carlgren, 1950-1954.pdf

Carlgren 1951 Carlgren,1951.pdf

Carlgren 1952 Carlgren,1952.pdf

Carreiro-Silva et al. 2010 Carreiro-Silvaetal2010.pdf

Carter 1870 Carter_1870_On Anthozoanthus parasiticus.pdf

Cavolini 1787 Cavolini1787.pdf

Chun 1903 Chun1903 Isozoanthus(1) 2.pdf Chun19031Isozoanthus(2) 2.pdf

Cortes 2009 CortesPart 9 Zoanthids sea anemones and corallimorpharians.pdf

Costa et al. 2011 Costa et al 2011.PDF

Couch 1844 Couch,1844.pdf

Crocker & Reiswig 1981 Crocker&Reiswig1981.pdf

Crowther 2011 Crowther2011.pdf

Cubit & Williams 1983 Cubit&Williams1983.pdf

Cutress 1971 Cutress, 1971.pdf

Cutress & Pequegnat 1960 Cuttress_Pequegnat_1960_Three New Species of Zoantharia from California.pdf

Cuvier 1800 Cuvier_1800_[Zoanthus].pdf

Cuvier 1817 Cuvier_1817_Les Zoanthes - Regne Animal.pdf Le règne animal après son organisation,: Les zoophytes, les tables, et les planches.pdf

Daly et al. 2007 Dalyetal2007.pdf

Dana 1846 Dana_1846_[Palythoa caesia].pdf

Danielssen 1890 Danielssen Den_Norske_Nordhavs_expedition_1876_1878.pdf

Delage & Herouard 1901 Delage_Herouard_1901_Zoanthides - Zoanthidae.pdf

Delle Chiaje 1823-1829 Delle Chiaje 1823-1829.pdf

Delphy 1939 Delphy1939.pdf

Donati 1765 Donati_1765_Storia naturale dell Antipate, o Corallo Nero dell Adriatico.pdf

Duchassaing & Michelotti 1860 Duchassaing de Fonbressin_Michelotti_1860_Memoire sur les Coralliaires des Antilles [SEPARATE].pdf

Duchassaing & Michelotti 1861 Duchassaing de Fonbressin_Michelotti_1861_Memoire sur les Coralliaires des Antilles.pdf

Duchassaing & Michelotti 1866 Duchassaing_Michelotti_1866_Supplement au Memoire sur les Coralliaires des Antilles.pdf

Duerden 1898 Duerden_1898_Jamaican Actiniaria. Part I.--The Zoantheae.pdf

Duerden 1900 Duerden_1900_Stichodactylinae and Zoantheae. In - Jamaican Actiniaria. Part II.pdf

Duerden 1903 Duerden_1903_West Indian sponge-incrusting actinians.pdf

Ehrenberg 1834 Ehrenberg1834Die_corallenthiere_des_Rothen_Meeres_phy.pdf

Ehrenberg 1839 Ehrenberg_1839_.pdf Ehrenberg_1839_[Stephanidium].pdf

Ellis 1768 Ellis_1768_An Account of the Actinia sociata, or Clustered Animal-flower, lately found on the Sea-Coasts of the new-ceded Islands.pdf

Ellis & Solander 1786 Ellis_Solander_1786_[Alcyonium mammilosum].pdf

Erdmann 1885 Erdmann_1885_Ueber einige neue Zoantheen.pdf

Esper 1805 Esper_1805_[Alcyonium tuberculosum].pdf

Fadlallah et al. 1984 Fadlallahetal1984.pdf

Fatheree Fatherree, SOFT CORALS.pdf

Fontaine 1954 Fontaine1954.pdf

Forbes 1840 Forbes_1840_On the British Actiniadae.pdf

Gleibs et al. 1995 Gleibsetal1995.pdf

Gmelin 1791 Gmelin_1791_[Sabella marsupialis].pdf

Goreau 1959 Goreau1959.pdf

Gosse 1860 Gosse_1860_Actinologia Britannica. A History of the British Sea-Anemones and Corals.pdf

Gravier 1918 Gravier_1918_Note sur une Actinie (Thoracactis n. g., topsenti n. sp.).pdf

Gray 1832 Gray_1832_[T]he Animal Flowers, or Zoantharia [Zoanthidae].pdf

Gray 1858 Gray, 1858.pdf

Gray 1859 Gray, 1859.pdf

Gray 1867 Gray_1867_Notes on Zoanthinae, with Descriptions of some New Genera.pdf

Haddon 1898 Haddon, 1898.pdf

Haddon & Duerden 1896 Haddon_Duerden_1896_On some Actinaria from Australia and other districts.pdf

Haddon & Shackleton 1891a Haddon_Shackleton_1891a_The Zoantheae. In - A revision of the British Actiniae. Part II.pdf

Haddon & Shackleton 1891b Haddon_Shackleton_1891b_Actiniae I. Zoantheae. In - Reports on the Zoological Collections Made in the Torres Straits.pdf

Hartog 1980 Hartog_1980_Caribbean shallow water Corallimorpharia.pdf

Herberts 1972 Herberts, 1972.pdf

Hertwig 1882 Hertwig_1882_Report on the Actiniaria dredged by HMS Challenger.pdf

Hertwig 1888 Hertwig_1888_Report on the Actinaria of the HMS Challenger (Supplement).pdf

Holdsworth 1858 Holdsworth_1858_On Zoanthus couchii, Johnston.pdf

Holschbach et al. 1990 Holschbachetal1990.pdf

Hornell 1909 Hornell1909.pdf

House et al. 1999 Houseetal1999.pdf

Hughes 1759 Hughes1759.pdf

Johnston 1848 Johnston, BRITISH-ZOOPHYTES-vol.1.pdf Johnston, BRITISH-ZOOPHYTES-vol.2.pdf

Jourdan 1880 Jourdan,1880.pdf

Karlson 1980 Karlson1980.pdf

Karlson 1981 Karlson 1981.pdf

Karlson 1983 Karlson1983.pdf

Karlson 1988 Karlson (1988) Ecology - size-dependent growth in 2 zoanthid species.pdf

Karlson 1991 Karlson1991.pdf

Karlson et al. 1996 Karlson et al 1996 Ecology Density-dependentdynamics of soft coral aggregations.pdf

Kerstitch 1989 Kerstitch, 1989.pdf

Khushali & Pradeep 2013 Khushali&Pradeep2013.pdf

Klunzinger 1877 Klunzinger1877Die_Korallthiere_des_Rothen_Meeres.pdf

Koren 1877 Koren, 1877.pdf

Kruzic 2007 Kruzic2007.pdf

Lacaze-Duthiers 1864 Lacaze-Duthiers_1864a_Memoire sur les Antipathaires (Genre Gerardia) [Comp Rend Sci].pdf Lacaze-Duthiers_1864b_On the Antipatharian Genus Gerardia [AMNH].pdf Lacaze-Duthiers_1864c_Memoire sur les Antipathaires (Genre Gerardia) [Ann Sci Nat].pdf

Lamouroux 1812 Lamouroux_1812_Extrait d un memoire sur la classification des Polypiers coralligenes non entierement pierreux.pdf

Lamouroux 1816 Lamouroux_1816_[Palythoa p359].pdf

Lamouroux 1821 Lamouroux_1821_[Hughea calendula].pdf]

Le Sueur 1817 Lwowksy_1913_Revision der Gattung Sidisia Gray (Epizoanthus auct.)..pdf

Lorenz 1860 Lorenz_1860_Neue Radiaten aus dem Quarnero.pdf

Lwowsky 1913 Lwowksy_1913_Revision der Gattung Sidisia Gray (Epizoanthus auct.)..pdf

Manuel 1979 Manuel_1979_Some new records of Anthozoa from British waters [59(2)].pdf

Manuel 1988 Manuel,1988.pdf

McMurrich 1889 McMurrich_1889.pdf

McMurrich 1898 McMurrich_1898_Report of the Actinaria Collected by the Bahama Expedition of the State University of Iowa, 1893.pdf

McMurrich 1899 McMurrich_1899_Contributions on the morphology of the Actinozoa.pdf

McMurrich 1904 McMurrich, 1904.pdf

Memorie della Reale Accademia delle Scienze di Torino  Vol 19 1860 Memorie della Reale Accademia delle Scienze di Torino  Vol 19 (1860).pdf

Mendonca-Neto & Gama 2009 Mendonca-Neto&Gama2009.pdf

Milne-Edwards 1857 Milne-Edwards1857.pdf

Montenegro & Acosta 2010 Montenegro&Acosta2010.pdf

Muirhead& Ryland 1985 Muirhead_Ryland_1985_A review of the genus Isaurus, including new records from Fiji.pdf

Nardo 1877 Nardo_1877_ Sull Antipate dell  Adriatico.pdf

Nordgaard 1905 Nordgaard_1905_Bottom Life [Hydrogr. Biol. Investig. Norwegien Fiords].pdf

Ocana & Brito 2003 Ocana&Brito 2003 GERARDIIDAE 2004 SOLO EL TEXTO.pdf

Opresko Baron Szabo 2001 Opresko_Baron-Szabo-2001.pdf

Pallas 1766 Pallas_1766_[Savalia].pdf

Pax 1910 Pax, 1910.pdf

Pax 1920 Pax1924.pdf

Pax 1924 Pax1924.pdf

Pax 1934 Pax,1934.pdf

Pax 1952 Pax1952.pdf

Pax & Ardnt 1936-1937 Pax&Arndt, 1936-1937.pdf

Pax & Muller 1954 Pax_Muller_1954_Catalogue des Types d Anthozoaires du Musee Oceanographique de Monaco.pdf

Pax & Muller 1956a Pax_Muller_1956_La collection de Zoanthaires du Musee oceanographique de Monaco.pdf

Pax & Muller 1956b Pax&Muller1956v2.pdf

Pax & Muller 1957a Pax&Muller1957.pdf

Pax & Muller 1957b Pax&Muller1957.pdf

Phillip & Fautin 2009 Philipp_Fautin_2009_Three new species of shallow water, yellow zoanthids from S California and S Australia.pdf

Poche 1915 Poche_1915a_.pdf Poche_1915b_.pdf

Polak et al. 2011 Polak et al. 2011 Palythoa reproduction.pdf

Rafinesque 1815 Rafinesque_1815_[Zoanthia].pdf

Rafinesque 1818 Rafinesque_1818_[Review of the] Journal of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, Vol. 1.pdf

Reimer 1971 Reimer1971.pdf

Roule 1900 Roule_1900_Description d une nouvelle Espece mediterraneenne de Zoanthide, commensale des Pagures.pdf Roule_1900b_.pdf

Ryland 1984 Ryland1984Coral reef Handbook Zoanthids.pdf

Ryland 1997 RylandAcro1997.pdf

Ryland 2000 Ryland2000.pdf

Ryland et al. 2000 Rylandetal2000.pdf

Ryland & Lancaster 2003 Ryland_Lancaster_2003_Revision of methods for separating species of Protopalythoa [17(3)].pdf

Ryland & Lancaster 2004 Ryland&Lancaster2004.pdf