Zoanthid taxonomic literature


Saville-Kent 1893 Saville_Kent_1893_The Great Barrier Reef.pdf

Schmidt 1862 Schmidt_1862_Die Spongien des adriatischen Meeres.pdf

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Schweiger 1819 Schweigger_1819_[Polythoa].pdf

Sebens 1977 Sebens 1977.pdf

Sebens 1982 Sebens1982.pdf

Seifert 1928 Seifert, 1928.pdf

Sinniger et al. 2007 Sinnigeretal2007.pdf Sinnigeretal2007Supp.pdf

Sinniger et al. 2013 Sinnigeretal2013.pdf

Steenstrup 1856 Steenstrup_1856_Sphenopus marsupialis (Gmelin).pdf

Stuckey 1914 Stuckey_1914_Descriptions of a Collection of Actinians from the Kermadec Islands.pdf

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Swain 2009 Swain2009.pdf

Swain 2010 Swain 2010.pdf

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Tischbierek 1930 Tischbierek,1930.pdf

Trench 1974 Trench1974.pdf

Varela et al. 2002 Varelaetal2002.pdf

Verrill 1864 Verrill,1864.pdf

Verrill 1867-1871 Verrill_1867-1871_Notes on the Radiata [FULL].pdf

Verrill 1870 Verrill1870.pdf

Verrill 1883 Verrill, 1883.pdf

Verrill 1900 Verrill_1900_Additions to the Anthozoa and Hydrozoa of the Bermudas.pdf

Verrill 1907 Verrill_1907_The Bermuda Islands. Part V.—An Account of the Coral Reefs.pdf

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von Heider 1895 von Heider 1895.pdf

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Walton 1908 Walton 1908 Notes_on_some_sagartiidae_and_zoanthidae_from_Plymouth.pdf

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West 1979 West1979.pdf

Widersten 1976 Widersten1976.pdf

Williams 2000 Williams_2000_A redescription of the zoanthid Isozoanthus sulcatus (Gosse, 1859).pdf

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Zibrowius 1985a 1985-Zibro-GerardiaBalssia.pdf

Zibrowius 1985b 1985-Zibro-GerardiaParamuricea.pdf

Included here are as many files as we could get our hands on... If there is missing literature, or you happen to have something not shown here, please send it along. Note that due to copyright issues, we do not have some papers from after 1967.

Files are organized by first author and year.

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