MISE@University of the Ryukyus

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last update 2015.5

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Welcome to MISE

Love of the ocean + interest in biology + drive to research = us.

Current research organisms: zoantharians, octocorals, Symbiodinium, sponges, sea anemones, amphipods, Waminoa, nudibranchs.

Current research themes:

diversity, taxonomy, symbiosis, sexual and asexual reproduction, evolution, toxins, coastal development.

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MISE stands for “Molecular Invertebrate Systematics and Ecology”. We use both molecular and more traditional methods to increase our understanding of the ocean and the diversity found in it.

    Located in subtropical Okinawa in southern Japan at the University of the Ryukyus, we have access to many different marine ecosystems from spectacular coral reefs to the deep sea. 

    Browse within this site, check out our publications, drop us a line, or stop by our lab for a visit anytime.
Associated Lab:
Mesophotic Coral Reef Geology https://www.facebook.com/MesophoticCoralReefGeologyshapeimage_4_link_0