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Click on the different alignment sets below to automatically download them in nexus (.nex) format. Other alignments from our various papers are also available upon request for zoanthids, octocorals, and zooxanthellae (Symbiodinium). Please reference the corresponding paper.

Reimer et al. 2012, Contributions to Zoology (note: in fasta format)

  1. 1.Brachycnemina zoanthid ITS ribosomal DNA alignment.


  1. 2.Brachycnemina zoanthid 16S ribosomal DNA alignment.


  1. 3.Brachycnemina zoanthid mitochondrial COI alignment.


Fujii and Reimer 2011, Zoologica Scripta (note: in fasta format)

1. Zoanthid ITS ribosomal DNA alignment. ITSmicro.fas

2. Zoanthid 16S ribosomal DNA alignment. 16SMicro.fas

3. Zoanthid mitochondrial COI alignment. COIMicro.fas

Deeds et al. 2011, PLoS One.

  1. 1.Zoanthid 16S ribosomal DNA alignment. Deeds16Sfinal.nex

  2. 2.Zoanthid mitochondrial COI alignment. DeedsCOIfinal.nex

Reimer et al. 2011, Systematics and Biodiversity.

  1. 1.Zoanthids. Mitochondrial 16S ribosomal DNA alignment. OgaZoanthid16S.nex

  2. 2.Zoanthids. Mitochondrial COI DNA alignment.OgaZoanthidCOI.nex

  3. 3.Symbiodinium clade C. Nuclear ITS ribosomal DNA alignment. OgaZXcladeC.nex

  4. 4.Symbiodinium clade A. Nuclear ITS ribosomal DNA alignment. OgaZXcladeA.nex

Reimer et al. 2011, Marine Biology.

1. Neozoanthus and related zoanthids + outgroup(s). Mitochondrial 16S ribosomal DNA alignment.Neozoanthus16Sfinal.nex

2. Neozoanthus and related zoanthids + outgroup(s). Mitochondrial COI DNA alignment.NeozoanthusCOIfinal.nex

Reimer, Hirose & Wirtz 2010, Contributions to Zoology.

  1. 1.Cape Verde zoanthids. Mitochondrial 16S ribosomal DNA alignment. CapeVerde16Sfinal.nex

  2. 2.Cape Verde zoanthids. Mitochondrial COI DNA alignment. CapeVerdeCOIfinal.nex

  3. 3.Cape Verde Symbiodinium from zoanthids. Nuclear ITS ribosomal DNA alignment. CapeVerdeZXITSfinal.nex

Sequence names for these data sets do not always include GenBank Accession Numbers, but are easily searched for at Entrez Nucleotide. Refer to the original papers for additional sequence information.

If you wish to see other data sets on here, please let us know.

DNA sequence alignment sets

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Reimer et al. Galaxea (2011)

Terpios hoshinota field images from the Middle and South Ryukyu Archipelago; archived at One large folder with subfolders for various locations. Subfolder names show dates and locations. Make sure you have enough space for these files, some are several MB each.

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Video presentation for the World Conference of Marine Biodiversity (2011.9, Aberdeen, Scotland).

This file is large (>96MB) and may take time to load. Comments appreciated!

Visitors from 2011.9

HaviStat v2.3 based on v2.2 from Montenegro et al. (2014). Free to download in zip format.

Havistat v2,

Please reference: JA Montenegro, A Acosta, JD Reimer. 2014. HaviStat© v2.2: Application to estimate preference for habitat and resources. Universitas Scientiarum 19(3): 333-337.

HaviStat v1.0 from Montenegro & Acosta (2008). Free to download in zip format.

Havistat v1,

Please reference: JA Montenegro, A Acosta. 2008. HaviStat© v 1.0 Aplicación para evaluar uso y preferencia de hábitat. Pan-American Journal of Aquatic Sciences 3(2): II-IV.