James Davis REIMER

updated 2015.5.17


Born in Canada on the west coast, I had planned a normal life, hoping to be a marine biologist (or something dinosaur-related if you asked me at the right age) near home. Attended UBC, graduated in ecology in 1995, and came to Japan for six months...

Still here.

Have lived and done research in most parts of Japan except Hokkaido, including stints at Kagoshima University, JAMSTEC, and the Biological Institute on Kuroshio. Okinawa is now home, and with its diverse reefs and subtropical weather, makes an excellent research base.


LIKES  rock, dives, travel, books, cheese, izakayas.

FROM  Canada (brrr...)

JOBS  Associate Professor in Biology Dept. @ University of the Ryukyus.

RESEARCH   zoantharians & palytoxin, diversity & evolution, zooxanthellae, coastal degradation

ASSOCIATE EDITOR @: Zoological Studies, Raffles Bulletin of Zoology.


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